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            Most of our places are now open. Find a place to visit near you.

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            By joining the National Trust for Scotland you can protect the places that matter to you and experience the best that Scotland has to offer.

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            Become a member of the National Trust for Scotland. Help maintain the places we protect for you and everyone else to enjoy.

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            Stay in some of Scotland’s most beautiful historic places.


            Get married in a fairytale castle, a country retreat or a mountain glen.

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            Top 10 tips for visiting our countryside places

            Our countryside teams across Scotland have come up with their top 10 tips to help you make the most of the time you spend in the great outdoors.

            9 Aug 2021

            What to expect when visiting our places – update

            We want you to enjoy your visit to our places – your safety is our priority.

            7 Sep 2021

            Tales from the Trust’s teams #1: Inverewe

            Join our teams from around the Trust to hear about some of their interesting stories from their daily working lives. First up is Martin Hughes from Inverewe, with ‘Let’s Talk Dirty’.

            The Lidl Book of Big Adventures

            We’re working with our friends at Lidl to create fun family activities you can try this summer.

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